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Calf Warmer

Calf Warmer
Product Code: 2-1-3500
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Koenders Calf Warmers provide excellent care for new born calves. The calf warmer is constructed with medium density poly. The calf warmer creates a comfortable, enclosed environment for newborns during the critical hours after birth. The heater is located in a separate enclosure at the rear of the calf warmer. The interior of the calf warmer provides enough room so the calf can lie down or stand. The instinctive identity scent will not be removed, so waiting mothers reclaim their rejuvenated infants at once.


  • Calf warmers comes with an adjustable 1500 watt electric heater equipped with circulating fan and automatic shutoff thermostat regulating and giving warmth to vulnerable newborn calves
  • Our calf warmers are made with the top section hinged and removable
  • The calf warmer features a ribbed sled bottom and installed tow rope to easily transport the calf out of the delivery area
  • The raised, two panel, grated floor ensures total warm air circulation though entire unit – removable for cleaning
  • The vent helps ventilation and allows you to keep an eye on the calf


  • Dimensions: 45" (H) x 25" (W) x 48" (L)
  • 70 lbs

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