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2W Wrangler Squeeze Chute Right Exit

2W Wrangler Squeeze Chute Right Exit
Brand: 2W Equipment
Product Code: 2-1-4630
Availability: Special Order

Price: $6,622.95

The Wrangler Squeeze Chute is constructed from 2″, 13 gauge steel and can hook up to 2W’s Single and Double Alleys or any of our 500 series panels.


  • Self catching head gate with neck extender
  • Removable bottom panels
  • Squeezes from both sides
  • No cables
  • Tailgate locks in up and down positions
  • Comes in either left or right exit option


  • Wrangler Squeeze Chute Right Exit
  • Weight: 1300 lbs
  • Inside Dimensions: 8’11 x 34″
  • Dimensions: 106"(L) x 45.5(W) x 86.5"(H)

Includes FREE shipping to the Peavey Mart of your choice!

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