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Black Oil Sunflower Minis 5 lb

Black Oil Sunflower Minis 5 lb
Brand: Sun Country Seeds
Product Code: 2-9-8709
Availability: In Store Only Product

Price: $12.99

No shells, no mess, no waste, just 100% pure food. Probably the best all around choice for bird enthusiasts both economically and nutritionally.

This mini version of our Sunflower Kernels, great for small birds and small beaks. Sunflower Minis will attract goldfinches, house finches, pine siskins, redpolls, and chickadees.

Use with any of Sun Country Seeds nyjer or finch feeders. Contents: black oil sunflower fines. The bags are recyclable and heat sealed for a long shelf life, to keep product fresh, and to keep bugs out.

Includes FREE shipping to the Peavey Mart of your choice!

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