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Two-Stage Air Compressor 60 Gallon

Two-Stage Air Compressor 60 Gallon
Brand: Quincy Compressor
Product Code: 2-3-1400
Availability: In Stock

Price: $1,999.99

During the downstroke of the piston of a two stage compressor, air is drawn through an intake valve in the head of the compressor into the low pressure cylinder and compressed during the upstroke of the piston.

The compressed air is then released through a discharge valve in the head of the compressor to an intercooler (usually finned tubing) where the heat resulting from compression is allowed to dissipate. The cooler compressed air is then drawn into a second compression cylinder, the high pressure cylinder, for compression to final pressure.


  • Cast iron splash lubricated compressor
  • 5 peak HP
  • Heavy duty industrial 3450 rpm motor
  • Tank Size: 60 Gallon
  • 5.9 cfm @ 100 psi. 15.2 cfm @ 175 PSI
  • Cut-in pressure 135 PSI
  • Cut-out pressure 175 PSI

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