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Air Incubator

Air Incubator Air Incubator
Brand: Miller MFG
Product Code: 2-4-4571
Availability: In Stock

Price: $172.99

Built-in fan constantly circulates the air to maintain a proper temperature throughout the incubator, eliminating harmful hot and cold spots. Durable styrofoam retains warmth, generated by a gentle heating element controlled by a highly dependable, digital control board.

The LCD display with LED light shows accurate temperature and humidity readings instantly. The self-regulating control board adjusts the temperature to suit varying environments.

The built-in digital hygrometer and accessible moisture channels help maintain humidity, a key factor in egg health. Plastic mesh screen safely supports eggs during hatch period, has no sharp edges for both human and chick safety, and is dishwasher safe.

Two 4” x 8” (10.2 cm x 20.3 cm) viewing windows allow for monitoring the hatching process and are great for educational purposes. Holds 41 large chicken eggs or up to 120 bantam or quail eggs.

Includes FREE shipping to the Peavey Mart of your choice!

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