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Fill-Rite Fuel Nozzle Manual 3/4"

Fill-Rite Fuel Nozzle Manual 3/4"
Brand: Fill-Rite
Product Code: 1-9-3551
Availability: In Stock

Price: $49.99

These nozzles are well suited for a broad range of high flow fueling applications from farm tractors and combines, heavy earth-moving equipment, fleet refueling, to above ground storage tanks and portable truck mounted fueling operations.

This rugged series of manual nozzles will provide years of service with minimal down time and quick fueling.


  • Compatible with gasoline and diesel
  • UL/cUL listed
  • 3/4 in aluminum nozzle
  • 3/4 in NPT-F outlet
  • Manual nozzle
  • 50 PSI working pressure
  • Integral hanging hook compatible with all Fill-Rite products
  • Minimal spray pattern to reduce foaming and false shutoffs
  • Viton seals and o-rings for smooth valve operation
  • Rated to -20°F operation

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