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Fuel Nozzle

Fuel Nozzle
Brand: Apache Hose & Belting Inc
Product Code: 1-2-5008
Availability: In Stock

Price: $69.99

Auto Shut-off Fuel Nozzle - Designed for fuel applications requiring an auto shut-off. For use with gasoline, 15% ethanol (E85), methanol, and gasoline blends, and diesel fuel. Hold open handle clip for fast, effortless filling. Small, trim, and lightweight with a low profile aluminum body and a full hand insulator that protects the nozzle and vehicle, insulates hand when in use. A minimum of 10 psi  is required to operate the auto shut-off.

*Do not use on gravity flow systems.


  • 3/4" female pipe thread connection with 13/16" spout
  • 14.531 gpm
  • For use with gasoline, 15 percent ethanol, methanol and gasoline blends, and diesel fuel
  • Designed for pump driven fuel systems with a minimum of 15 PSI and a maximum of 43 PSI


  • Auto shut-off unleaded nozzle
  • Hold-open handle clip for fast, effortless filling

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