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LEM Collagen Casings 21mm

LEM Collagen Casings 21mm
Brand: LEM
Product Code: 5-8-9068
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Price: $20.99

Collagen Casings take the place of using natural hog or sheep casings. They can be used for fresh or smoked sausages. They are made from beef protein. There is no preparation necessary. Just put them on your stuffing tube and before you know it, you will have uniformly sized sausages!


  • 21mm size are great for breakfast sausage
  • No soaking needed - use right out of the package
  • Will shrink somewhat if used for fresh sausage
  • May burst upon being grilled or fried
  • Edible
  • Shelf life is approx. 3 years if kept in an air tight container or heavy ply plastic bag kept in a cool and dry place


  • Size: 21mm
  • Casing Flavour: Smoked
  • Not Kosher but they are Halal (approved for use in Muslim food preparation)
  • For fresh sausages; stuffs approximately 10-23 lbs per strand


  • Remember you will need a 1/2" O.D. tube or smaller for these

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