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Pro Glo 100 Ft. Extension Cord 14/3

Pro Glo 100 Ft. Extension Cord 14/3
Product Code: 4-9-6215
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Price: $82.99

Our special Pro Glo® SJTW (300V) jackets offer high visibility for safety underfoot and extra flexibility in cold weather. Each male plug has a built in amber neon light which indicates that there is power in the cords and outlet.  In addition, our Continuous Ground Monitoring (CGM) feature indicate there is a continuity in the ground wire throughout the extension cord. If the green neon light inside our clear molded connector is not lit, there has been a loss of ground continuity.


  • Lighted single end.
  • 14/3 SJTW.
  • 15A-125V.
  • -40ºF Coldweather jacket.
  • Water and flame resistant.

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