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Marking Crayon - Blue

Marking Crayon - Blue
Brand: Weaver Leather Livestock
Product Code: 2-2-4211
Availability: In Stock

Price: $6.99

Designed for use with our nylon ram marking harness. These marking crayons are suitable for all weather conditions and are available in a range of bold colors for easy identification.


  • Easily identify which ewes have been bred with this all-weather marking crayon
  • Designed for use with our Marking Harnesses
  • Easlity slide into place for a secure, reliable fit
  • Choose from a variety of colors; Yellow (2-2-4208), Orange (2-2-4209), Red (2-2-4210), Blue (2-2-4211), Green (2-2-4212), Black (2-2-4213)

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