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Zubot Crowding Tub & Chute System

Zubot Crowding Tub & Chute System
Brand: Zubot Welding
Product Code: 2-9-1052
Availability: In Stock

Price: $2,645.95

Helps reduce stress on animals and handlers. Complete system can be hauled in a short box truck. Chute can be narrowed at the bottom to prevent smaller animals from turning around. Solid sided panels keep animals calm and moving through the system.


  • Completely portable
  • Optional 40" tall panels with 8" drop down available
  • System comes with tub
  • Anti-backup gate
  • Guillotine gate
  • 3 way sorter
  • Additional panels may be added to lengthen alley


  • Tub diameter is 10' 8"
  • Standard 32" tall chute panels
  • 16' of alley

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