Fuel Tanks & Fuel Pumps

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Auto Nozzle For High Volume Fuel Pump
The patent pending UL listed Ultra Hi-Flow nozzle takes fuel transfer to a new level. For transfe..
Diesel Fuel Nozzle 1"
1" diesel fuel nozzle with auto shut off. Includes FREE shipping to the Peavey Mart of yo..
Fill Rite 12 Volt Fuel Pump
Fill Rite 12 Volt Fuel Pump!   Specifications: 15 GPM Manual nozzle ..
Fill-Rite 12 Volt DC Pump with Hose & Automatic Nozzle
This industry standard DC pump dispenses up to 13 GPM (49 LPM). Ideal for pumping gas, diesel fue..
Fill-Rite Arctic Hose with Static Wire 3/4" x 15 Ft.
The Fill-Rite Arctic Fuel Transfer Hose stays extremely flexible in low temperatures down to -40°..
Fill-Rite DEF Hand Lever Pump
This quick, economical Hand Pump provides a clean, safe way to unload your 55 gallon drum. Produc..
Fill-Rite Diesel Arctic Nozzle 1"
When the weather gets cold, you need flow and performance that gets you out of the weather quickl..
Fill-Rite Diesel Arctic Nozzle 3/4"
This Arctic-rated series of automatic nozzles has a full complement of valves, seals, and bearing..
Fill-Rite Fuel Nozzle Manual 3/4"
These nozzles are well suited for a broad range of high flow fueling applications from farm tract..
Fill-Rite High Flow Arctic Pump 12V DC
The Fill-Rite High Flow Arctic Pump is a contractor grade, Arctic ready pump that is suitable for..
Fill-Rite In-Line Digital Fuel Meter
The Fill-Rite digital fuel meter is ideal for metering the transfer of diesel fuel and kerosene. ..
Fill-Rite Manual Double Acting Fuel Pump
Fill-Rite Piston Pumps have an aluminum body with a stainless steel liner. Providing smooth, cont..
Fill-Rite Portable Pump with Hose and Nozzle 12V DC
The RD8 lets you position the inlet and outlet hoses to fit your needs.  Remove two bolts, r..
Fuel Pump 12 Volt 13 GPM
This industry standard DC pump dispenses up to 13 GPM (49 LPM). The SD1202G is ideal for pumping ..
Fuel Pump 12 Volt 15 GPM
12 volt fuel pump, complete with an auto shut off nozzle. Specifications: 15 GPM ..
Fuel Pump 12 Volt 20 GPM
12 Volt fuel pump from Fill-Rite. Specifications: High volume 20 GPM ..