Farm Supplies

Farm supplies and equipment are the heart and soul of our business. Here you'll find items from Calving to Penning, and from Tillage to Harvest.

If you live in a rural area and need to plan your shopping trip in advance, order here and then you know it will be waiting for you at your local Peavey Mart. At our Peavey Mart stores, we carry hundreds of unique and essential items for your farm, all at competitive prices.

Note: some items here are seasonal, and we may not carry warehouse stock for out-of-season uses. If there's something you need out of season, contact us and we will check our warehouse and our stores to see if we have it for you.

Items purchased here include applicable taxes, however any applicable environmental or other government fees will apply at time of pick-up. "Farm tax" can be credited back at the pick-up store on applicable products, with presentation of valid farmer's tax information.

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Hydraulic 3-Point Wire Winder
Mounts on loader bucket, 3-point hitch, skid steer or anything with hydraulics. Unique level wind..
Inline Pre-Charged Pressure Tank 4.8 Gallon
Drawdown @ 30/50 psi = 1.5 gallons. ANS1/NSF Standard 61 approved for safe/clean drinking water. ..
Key Chain Mini Transmitter for Outdoor Gate
The FM134 Dual Button Transmitter allows you to easily program one button for your gate opener an..
LD 1.5 Electric Aeration System
Koenders introduces the LD 1.5, a small pond electric aerator system for backyard water gardens a..
Livestock Waterer Concrete Easypad
Eliminates having to buy forming materials, steel and, of course, the labor to make a pad when th..
Magnetic Heater 300 Watt
This magnetic heater is great for use on water pipes, block heaters and many other applicatio..
Manure Fork 5 Tine
5 tine manure fork. Steel head with 13" tines and a 48" premium ash handle. Includes FREE..
Manure Fork 6 Tine
This 6 tine manure fork is designed especially for farmers looking for a robust, efficient and co..
Maxline Plastic Pipe Clamp 10 Pack - 3/4"
Made of nylon. Designed to fit 1" OD tubing. Single mounting screw hole. Recommended spacing is 4..
Maxline Tubing Tee Fitting - 3/4"
Nickel plated brass fitting. 175 psi maximum working pressure.   Includes FREE shipp..
McKay - Releasing Tool For Slimlock
This tool makes unlocking easier. Just engage in place, press the Slimlok down and drive the swee..
McKay - Slim Wedge Opener 2"
2 " 1/4" Thick This is a seasonal item and we do not carry it year round. If you require it d..
McKay - Vibra Chisel 12"
McKay - Vibra Chisel 12" x 5/16 This is a seasonal item and we do not carry it year round. If..
McKay Cast Clip 47 Degree
47 degree, top stop. In Store Only Product ..
McKay Deep Tillage Cult. Shovel 12" 43 Degree
McKay Deep Tillage Cult. Shovel 12" 43 Degree This is a seasonal item and we do not carry it ..
McKay Deep Tillage Cult. Shovel 12" 50 Degree
McKay Deep Tillage Cultivator Shovels 12" Made of 1/4" carbon alloy steel. This is a seas..