Calf Supplies

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2 Way Electric Dehorner
Recommended for baby calves up to three months old. Eliminates the shock & stress. There is n..
3 Tine Manure Fork
Steel head with 12" tines and a 54" premium ash handle. Includes FREE shipping to the Pea..
4 Tine Manure Fork
Steel head with 13" tines and a 48" premium ash handle. Includes FREE shipping to the Pea..
Calf Nursing Bottle And Nipple
Bottle is sturdy and sanitary, made of FDA-approved, food-grade polyethylene plastic that is dura..
Calf Nursing Pail
This pail features a built-in rubber nipple and hanging bracket on the opposite side for hanging ..
Calf Sled Large
Dimensions: 49-5/8"(L) x 24-1/4"(W) x 6"(Deep)   Includes FREE shipping t..
Calf Warmer
Koenders Calf Warmers provide excellent care for new born calves. The calf warmer is constructed ..
Crimp Style Fluid Calf Feeder 2 Quart
The Springer Magrath Fluidfeeder provides a practical, easy-to-use tool for providing fluids and ..
Dairy/Beef Rounded Show Halters Medium Black
With a dependable design and classic features like rounded nosebands and cheekpieces, durable cor..
G.U. Milk Replacer - 20kg
As stress and cold weather significantly increases a calf’s energy needs, this high fat formula p..
Milk Replacer - 20kg
Formula K is an economical milk replacer, providing supplemental nutrition for calves. Avail..
Milk Replacer Starter - 20kg
Protein is 100% milk based. A complete calf milk replacer especially formulated for a calf's firs..
$85.99 $79.99
Ultra Shield EX Refill
Protection against flies, mosquitoes, ticks and gnats. Quick knockdown and repellency. Weatherpro..