Bee Keeping Supplies

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Bee Lables For Bucket Feeder
In order to sell honey and be compliant with federal regulations, each label with the producer`s ..
Beekeeping In Western Canada
Whether you are just thinking about keeping bees or you are an experienced beekeeper, this book g..
Cold Un-Capping Knife
The Cold Knife is great for those that have under 10 colonies. The knife is so sharp there is no ..
Complete Bee Hive 10 Frame
Pre-assembled for easy set up and use. The Complete Beehive includes: telescoping outer cove..
Deluxe Four Frame Extractor W/Motor
This electric stainless steel extractor is perfect for the seasoned beekeeper. The extractor lets..
Honey Bucket 5 Gallon
This 5-gallon bucket comes with a tightly fitting lid and honey gate. Place it under your extract..
Honey Strainer Stainless Steel
Uses a fine mesh to remove any leftover bits of wax and other particles before bottling. Des..
Hot Un-Capping Knife
Using a hot knife to remove the caps from the frame, makes the process easy and simple. It allows..
Two Frame Plastic Extractor
Mellivo 2 Frame Poly Extractor, is perfect for the beginner beekeeper with 2 to 4 hives. Can be u..
Uncapping Scratcher Fork
Removes any caps leftover from an uncapping knife. Simple to use, the stainless steel points..