· I’ve paid for my order. Is it confirmed? Can I pick it up at my chosen Peavey store?

  • All orders must first be confirmed by our Online Customer Service team. We are based in Red Deer and are available Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4PM. We will double-check the inventory in your chosen store and send you an e-mail to confirm your order. We want to avoid you making any unnecessary trips to the store. We will confirm your order on the same day, except for orders placed late in the day, where we will confirm it on the next business day.

Why can't I find a specific product?

  • Not all items are available through
  • In addition to the items on the website there are thousands of products that are available in store.

Why do I have to select a store?

  • Items purchased at Peavey Mart Online are delivered to the Peavey Mart location of your choice with FREE shipping. You can get the same item at the same price, whether online or in-store.
  • We only ship items to Peavey Mart store locations

·  How do I choose a store?

  • You can choose a store using the locator at checkout.

I decided to order a different quantity. How do I change the quantity in my shopping cart?

  • Enter the new quantity, then click the "Update" button.

·  How long does the order take to arrive at the store I've chosen?

  • In general your order will arrive in 8-10 business days, but most orders do arrive sooner.
  • Special Order or Pre-Order items will take at least 3 weeks to arrive since they are not regular stock items and they are ordered for you.

·  I have a farm. Why do I have to pay provincial tax?

  • Farm tax varies by province and by item
  • When you pick up your purchase, please bring the appropriate farm identification information. The store will issue farm tax credit on applicable items. The credit can only be applied to the same method of payment (your credit card).

·  What are your hours of operation?

  • Our "Online" Customer Service reps are available Monday to Friday, 8:00 A.M to 4:30 P.M. Alberta time, however the website is available for your convenience 24/7. If you send us a request, we will respond to you as soon as possible within our Customer Service hours. Our store staff may be help to help, and our larger stores are open until 9PM Monday to Friday.

·  I requested a password change but I haven't received it yet. Why not?

  • Please "add" us to your email address book, otherwise messages we send may be delivered to your "Junk" or "Spam" folder, or may not be delivered at all.